Milk for Cat

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Game Description

Let’s play “Milk for Cat” – the purr-fect game for kids that combines skill, strategy, and lots of adorable feline fun! Put your thinking caps on and help our furry friend satisfy its thirst for delicious milk.

In this paws-itively delightful game, your task is to cut open the milk carton hanging from above and cleverly direct the flow into the cat’s eagerly awaiting mouth. With over 45 meow-velous levels, you’ll have to think creatively to solve each challenge.

Get ready to position, rotate, and tilt boards in some levels to create the perfect milk runway. You’ll need to consider physics, timing, and angles as you guide the milk from one board to another, all while our cute kitty looks on with anticipation.

On other levels, test your precision as you cut the string holding the milk carton at the perfect moment. Watch the carton fall onto a strategically placed spike, releasing a stream of milk.

So what are you waiting for? Play now and embark on a whisker-tickling adventure!

Game Instructions

To get started playing “Milk for Cat”, press the pink play arrow button. Next select a level. When the game begins, carefully review the board. Use your logic skills and knowledge of physics to position, rotate, and tilt boards to create the perfect path for milk to flow into the cat’s mouth. Once you have everything positioned just right, swipe to cut the milk open and feed the cat! Have a blast.