Master Chess

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Game Description

Are you ready to perfect your chess skills? In this classic board game, you may challenge a friend or play against the computer in 3 difficulty modes. Use your strategic skills to checkmate your opponent and win!

Game Instructions

Tap or click the arrow to start. Choose your difficulty level and choose to play against a friend or computer. The object of chess is to checkmate the king of your opponent all while protecting your king with your various game pieces. Simply tap or click on a game piece and then tap or click on the square you would like to move it to.  Take turns moving your pawns and other game pieces.

Game Tip: If you are new to playing chess, choose the beginner mode and choose to play against the computer or an experienced friend. The beginner mode will help you choose where to go on the board. An experience friend will give you great instruction. You’ll be a Chess Master in no time!