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By | June 26, 2022

Welcome to medicare exam template, I am not a lawyer. I am a Judgment & Collection Broker. This article is based upon my California experience. Each state’s laws are different. If you ever need legal advice or a legal strategy to use, please contact a lawyer. This article will discuss one specific type (turnover) order that can (in many states), be used at the end of judgment debtor exams. The court may issue a turnover order to pay the creditor from the cash or equivalent cash that the debtor has while in court.

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Check out the laws in your state and make copies of any relevant laws to judgment debtors who are turning over property to you, or the levying officers after an examination. Prepare to refer back to your state laws and to possibly quote them when you go to court. All non-cash assets must be handed over to the sheriff.

Although cash turnovers may not require a court order or a file with the sheriff levy, it is a good idea to cover all bases. You never know what surprises you might find. You never know what you might discover. If they agree, you can write down the amount. If they refuse to comply, it is okay.

If the judgment borrower showed you their cash, be sure to note that amount on your turn. Next, politely request the judge to sign your turn. They refused. According to the laws in our State (recite only the numbers of the laws), the debtor should disclose to the court the contents of their wallet so I may ask for the court’s signature on my turnover order. It is impossible to predict what will happen next. Sometimes the debtor is willing to comply right away, but sometimes they will make up stories and lie about their cash, such as that it belongs to someone else. In either case, it is better to show the court your reasonableness and negotiate when necessary. The judge will usually order the judgment debtor give their cash to a bailiff. After that, the bailiff gives it to you.

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