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By | January 31, 2023

Lower limb neuro exam template, I am not a Lawyer, I am a Judgment/Collection Broker. This article is based on my California experience. Laws vary from one state to the next. A lawyer can help you with legal advice and legal strategies. This article will discuss one specific type (turnover) order that can (in many states), be used at the end of judgment debtor exams. The court may issue a turnover order to pay the creditor from the cash or equivalent cash that the debtor has while in court.

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If the judgment creditor has cash in their wallet, you should write it down on your turnover form. Ask the judge politely to sign your turnover orders. They refused to give me the contents of their wallet. I will ask the court to sign my turn-over order. “What happens next cannot be predicted. Sometimes the debtor complies immediately, sometimes they make up stories and lies, for example, their cash belongs to someone else, etc.It is usually best to show the court you are reasonable, and compromise when appropriate. The judge will ordinarily order the judgment-debtor to turn over the cash to the bailiff.

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