Charge Everything

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Game Description

Charge Everything is an exciting and engaging game designed for kids, where players must connect various devices such as phones, tablets, music players, and electric cars to charging sockets while navigating through an obstacle-filled environment. The game challenges players to overcome obstacles using their strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, and to energize all devices to level up.

The game board features a vibrant and electrified world, filled with a labyrinth of obstacles, tangled cords, and energy-drained devices. Players must skillfully navigate through these challenges, prioritize device charging, and successfully connect all devices to charging sockets. This makes Charge Everything the perfect game for kids who love technology, puzzles, and adventure.

Game Instructions

To begin playing Charge Everything, simply press the red play arrow button and choose your desired level. Once the game has loaded, carefully drag the charging cord of each device towards an available charging socket. Utilize your strategic thinking skills to maneuver around obstacles and successfully plug in all devices. Enjoy the electrifying adventure and have a blast!