Break Juice

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Game Description

Get ready for a splash of fun with “Break Juice,” an exciting online physics game for kids! In this thrilling game, players will find themselves dropping balls onto glasses filled with juice, aiming to knock the glasses off the ledge and break them to spill the juice. But watch out, as the game progresses, the levels become increasingly challenging, with some levels featuring multiple glasses just waiting to be toppled.

Players can drop up to four balls if needed, testing their skill and creativity to solve each level. And if the glass is hidden below obstacles, don’t worry! You can drop balls on top of previously dropped balls to bounce them into the elusive glass. With every satisfying splash, you will be ready and eager to tackle the next level.

So, join the fun and start breaking juice glasses in this delightful online game that combines physics, strategy, and pure entertainment. Can you master the art of making a mess and conquer every level? Grab a ball and find out in “Break Juice”!

Game Instructions

Start your “Break Juice” adventure by clicking the green arrow play button and choosing an available level. Once the game begins, tap or click and hold at the top of the screen to place the ball in the desired release position. Upon releasing, the ball will drop. Your objective is to topple and shatter all the juice glasses. Successfully break the glasses using up to four ball attempts to advance to the next level. Enjoy the fun!