Cut For Cat

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Game Description

Are you ready to put your rope-cutting skills to the test and help feed the hungry cat? In this exciting physics game, your mission is to strategically cut ropes and chains at just the right time to collect stars and drop candy into the cat’s mouth.

But be careful, cutting the ropes and chains isn’t as easy as it seems! You need to make sure the candy swings at just the right angle so it can collect the stars and land in the cat’s mouth. Don’t worry, you can do it!

So, grab your scissors and get ready to become a master rope cutter in “Cut for Cat”! With your quick reflexes and strategic thinking, you’ll be able to collect all the stars and feed the cat in no time. Get ready for a fun-filled adventure full of swinging candy, strategic cutting, and lots of meows!

Game Instructions

To being playing Cut for Cat, select the green “Play” arrow button. The select a level. Strategically cut the rope holding the candy so you collect all of the stars and drop the candy into the cat’s mouth. Successfully feed the cat to level up! Have fun!