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Game Description

It’s cold outside and Frosty needs your help to build an igloo. The goal of the game is to jump from one floating ice block to the next, gathering ice for your igloo. Avoid obstacles along the way such as crabs, birds and bears. Catch fish to earn extra points. Level up and have fun!

Game Instructions

To play Frosty, tap or click on the play button. Use the arrow keys to move around the game. Jump from one floating ice block to the next while avoiding crabs, birds and bears.

Each floating block you land on will add one block to the igloo. Keep jumping from block to block until the igloo is fully built. While standing on an ice block, use the space bar to change direct of the floating ice. Look for opportunities to catch fish to earn 200 points.

Once the igloo is fully built, make your way back to it to complete the level. Enjoy and have fun!